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The concept artist Marianne Greve, Hamburg, works as a cross-over artist on the linkage between science and art, the world of the rational and the world of poetry. Her studies in biology and in arts give her understanding in either field and the potential to use insights from both worlds for her works. She uses diverse methods and materials for the optimal composition of her ideas to realize a concept.

Animals become musical notes with her, growth processes - even of trees - are her sculpture partners and many other real natural elements metamorphose when entering her work. She stands for a use of artistic techniques visualising the partnership of man and nature. Greve was one of the members of the Laves - workshop 1990, elected for preparing the application of Hannover for the EXPO2000.

Marianne Greve lives and works in Hamburg, Germany numerous exhibitions in three continents since 1983, several fellowships, lectures in German universities (cross-over arts and architecture), diverse publications, initiator and book-editor of "POIESIS...", a cross-border symposium of scientists and artists at the university of Hamburg.